Producer, Spin by Adam North (Premiere, Columbia University MFA)
Producer, Umoja by Kristen I. Spencer and Devon Kidd (Premiere, Columbia University MFA)
Producer, Big Love by Chuck Mee (Columbia University MFA)
Producer, Cabaret (Columbia University MFA)
Producer, Uncle Vanya (Columbia University MFA)
Producer, Lucha Libre (Premiere, Columbia University MFA)
Producer, Our Town (Columbia University MFA)
Casting Director, Hadrian & Antinous (Columbia University MFA)
Casting Director, Medea (Columbia University MFA)
Casting Director, I Love You, Jesus Christ! (Dixon Place)
Publicist, Dreamers: An (Un)Documentary Play (NYU Steinhardt x The Civilians)
Talent Manager and Major Studio Coordinator (NYU Tisch, Tisch Talent Guild)
Producer, New Screenplays Reading (NYU Tisch, Richard Goldberg Theatre)
Industry Outreach Coordinator (NYU Tisch, Graduate Musical Theatre WritingApollo)


Sean Anthony Chia

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